A draw for Druids Lodge and Fyfield Flyers in the Copra Cup

On Sunday Druids Lodge and Fyfield Flyers took to the field in a very close game to determine who would take home this year’s Copra Cup. We saw end to end action from the start with Fyfield Flyers seemingly having the upper hand to begin with but Druids Lodge showing signs of coming back toward the end of the first half. A brace of goals from Robin Ormerod at the start of chukka 3 put Druids Lodge into the lead for the first time in the game and it was all to play for in the final chukka. Robin again made his mark at the start of the last chukka, with some great interplay between him and Henry Fuller he slotted two more between the posts, extending Druids Lodge’s lead and kicking the opposition into action! Just in time Lolly Stanhope-White and Brook Bishop came back fighting, scoring three goals in the final minutes and tying the score at 5 goals apiece on the final bell. A special mention should go to Lottie Harper, the least experienced player on the field who played a fantastic game, positioning herself well and always ready to tidy up after her team!

Druids Lodge: Henry Fuller 0, Lottie Harper -2, Robin Ormerod 1, Giles Ormerod 2

Fyfield Flyers: Clare Macnamara 0, Andrea Redder -2, Lolly Stanhope-White 1, Brook Bishop 2