A win for Fyfield Flyers in the June Challenge

Congratulations to Fyfield Flyers who beat Low Profile in the final of the June Challenge on Sunday.  Bagber House were victorious over TAMAC in the subsidiary final.

Fyfield Flyers: Judith Feuchtwanger -2, Clare Macnamara 0, Chris Thome 1, Roddy Stanning 3

Low Profile: Tallulah Kalis -1, Richard Swift 0, Johann Spendier 1, Brook Bishop 2

Bagber House: Finn Jones -1, Brigitte Boher -1, Mark Deacon 2, Robin Ormerod 2

TAMAC: George Thome -1, Dominic Jones -1, Christine Thome 1, Paddy Selfe 2

Photos by Michael Berkeley Photography