Another victory for Canonbury in the 4 goal June Trophy

Congratulations to Canonbury for starting the season with a clean sweep, they took home the June Trophy after beating Coombe Place 7 – 5 in the final.  Elixar and TAMAC drew 6  all in the subsidiary final.

Canonbury: Roger Mcelroy -1,  Johann Spendier 1, Brook Bishop 2, Stevie McCraith 2

Coombe Place: Nii White 0, Simon Jackson 0, Mark Deacon 2, Ed Olof 2

Elixar: Fraser Robinson -1, Richard Swift 0, James Haigh 2, Eden Ormerod 3

TAMAC: George Thome -1, Christine Thome 1, Chris Thome 1, Roddy Stanning 3 

Photos by Michael Berkeley Photography