Arena Season 2019-20 – Fixture Cards Out Now

We’ve had a wonderful and packed summer and now, with just two tournaments left, it is time to turn out thoughts to the Arena season. Our 2019-20 Arena Fixture Cards have arrived and can be collected from the clubhouse or Anne’s Van. You can also click here to download in PDF.  
One important change this year is that weekend chukkas will now take place at 11:30am, half an hour later than in the summer. We hope this will make those winter mornings a little easier.
Fireside Polo will be back , this year with two dates, first the El Rosario Trophy on Saturday 9th November and secondly the Watersfield Trophy on Saturday 25th January. The Autumn and Winter Leagues will feature too, along with a number of tournaments which may take  place over one or two days each. Most of our tournaments don’t have predetermined handicap levels and can be adapted depending on who is interested. We do have two 8 goal tournaments this season, The Afon House Chiropractic Trophy in December and the Watersfield Trophy (Victor Ludorum) in January.
We are offering a 10% discount on memberships if you join and pay before first chukkas which this year are on Thursday 17th October. A reminder that those of you who were full HPA members in the summer do not have any further HPA to pay but just need to update your club for the winter.
If you have had the summer off (or even if you haven’t) you might like to get your eye in again with a Refresher Course. This year’s Arena Refresher Course will take place on Saturday 19th October from 2pm – 6pm and the cost is £200 per person.
Finally, we still have some livery spaces available so please get in touch if you’d like to know more about our livery services.
If you have any questions please Contact Us. We hope to see you arena-side very soon.