News From The Weekend – The Polo Art Trophy & Salisbury Cup

Congratulations to Mace, winners of the Polo Art Trophy. They beat Balaclava by 3 goals to 1. 

Mace: Anthony Bond -1, Clare Macnamara, Harry Pittard 1, Roddy Stanning 3

Balaclava: Bob DiRado -2, Piers Heelis 0, Robin Ormerod 1, Eden Ormerod 4

Well done to Fyfield Flyers, winners of the Salisbury Cup. They beat Frontier by half a goal on Sunday, the score 4 – 3.5. MVP went to Clare Macnamara. Many thanks to our generous sponsors, Frontier, a delicious craft lager from Fullers brewery.

Fyfield Flyers: Andrea Redder -2, Clare Macnamara 0, Anthony Bond -2, Roddy Stanning 3

Frontier: Bob DiRado -2, Henry Fuller 0, Piers Heelis 0, Robin Ormerod 1