Canonbury win inaugural Commodore Blake Trophy

Four strong teams entered the inaugural Commodore Blake Trophy and a resounding victory by Canonbury over Bagber House on Saturday led them to meet Dragonfly Polo in the final on Sunday after they too had stormed to victory in their semi final against Druids Lodge. Canonbury got off to a strong start in the final with the score sitting at 6 -1 at halftime, quite the mountain to climb for Dragonfly! A couple of goals from Eden Ormerod in chukka three made a bit of a dent in Canonbury’s lead and chukka four definitely went Dragonfly’s way. The score at the final bell was a much closer 8 – 6 win for Canonbury.

Bagber House came up against Druids Lodge in the subsidiary final which was a bit slow to get going with lots of defensive play from both teams. Bagber House started to move ahead in chukka two and the score was 4 – 1 in their favour at half time. A strong second half for Johann Spendier and Roddy Stanning increased their lead and they eventually ran home the winners 8 goals to 3.