Ridgebacks win the Harvest Cup 4 goal

The Harvest Cup this year was played between three teams. The first match was played midweek between Dragonfly x The Marque and Druids Lodge. Dragonfly x The Marque were first to score and, despite goals from all members of Druids Lodge, were able to maintain their lead throughout, for a final result of 7-5 to Dragonfly x The Marque.

Friday evening saw Dragonfly x The Marque take on Ridgebacks.  Goals from Roddy Stanning and George Thome put Ridgebacks ahead at halftime 5-2. Dragonfly x The Marque fought back in the second half, to level the score by the end of the fourth chukka and result in 7-7 draw.

Ridgebacks then played Druids Lodge on the Sunday, requiring a win by more than 2 goals to secure the Harvest Cup.

A strong start by Ridgebacks meant they pulled ahead by halftime, before Druids Lodge responded well in the second half. Ridgebacks kept their lead however, and with a final score of 7-3 to Ridgebacks, they ran out the overall winners of the Harvest Cup, with Dragonfly x The Marque in second place.